At Attica Antiques, our focus is maintaining and restoring the look and artistic value of your fine furniture, as well as retaining its value and integrity. We adhere to the finest traditions of quality hand craftsmanship, with every step in the total process—from the initial stripping to the final finishing and colour matching—done by hand. When necessary, Attica Antiques can also modify existing pieces, as described in the following case study.

Attica will also take the time and effort to refinish kitchen cabinets, modern family treasures and other articles of value to you. 

Refinishing and Modifying a Dining Table 

The owner of a circular table that was five feet in diameter wanted the table refinished and modified for use as a dining table by allowing leaves to be inserted for additional seating when required. As part of the refinishing process, the carving on some feet had to be repaired.


The bottom of the table, with the carved feet (some old, some repaired) and central column. The middle is a support pillar.


The two halves of the bottom separate, allowing the table top to open so leaves can be inserted to increase seating capacity. However, the leaves were not originally part of the table and had to be created entirely in the shop.



First the edge profile of the table had to be recreated, which was done using specially machined cutters on a shaper machine.


Then, the carvings on the edge of the original table top had to be recreated.


This was done by creating a mould of the original carvings, then casting a new profile and cutting it so that it repeats cleanly, without any misalignments, and staining it to match.


A completed leaf, with reinforcing block, dowels to neatly attach it to the next leaf or the original table top, and the casting dadoed into the solid wood of the leaf itself.



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