Attica Antiques has 25 years' experience in furniture refinishing and restoration. Whether your piece is an antique or a modern family treasure, our expert, fully experienced tradesmen will do the stripping, repairs, gluing, re-manufacturing of missing pieces and then bring out the inherent beauty of the wood with a finish that will last. If grandma's mahogany table and great-grandpa's solid oak desk are your most cherished treasures, let our expert furniture restorers preserve your past for the future.

Does Refinishing Furniture Affect its Value?

Although many people believe that the value of an antique furniture piece is higher if the original finish is intact, the reverse is often true. Andrew Olsen, owner of Attica Antiques, explains: "In furniture over 200 years old, yes, there can be a premium for keeping the original finish. Stripping these older finishes may decrease the value. But with antique furniture made after about 1830, it's a different story. Unless the finish is near-perfect—which it rarely is—proper refinishing will increase the item's value. Certainly, with the 110-120 year old fine furniture pieces we handle, stripping and refinishing increases the value."

Furniture Restoration

When a piece of furniture is inadvertently damaged, the quality of the restoration work will determine the piece's future beauty, durability, and value. Accidents happen. But before you write off your damaged treasure, call Attica Antiques. Experienced restorers will assess your furniture, provide advice, and deliver the best possible restoration and refinishing service. The results may surprise you!

Contact Attica Antiques for all your fine furniture refinishing and restoration needs.

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