Attica Antiques specializes in stunning furniture crafted from quarter sawn white oak.

What separates quarter sawn white oak furniture from the rest of what was made at the time is the extra detail and effort incorporated into each piece. The traditional through and through method of log sawing, as shown below, produces flat sawn boards with a cathedral grain pattern. This is fast, efficient and economical.

To produce quarter sawn boards, from the same log requires a different method of cutting and is more labor intensive, wasteful and expensive. However, what you get is a totally different grain pattern that exposes the medullary rays.

quarter sawn oak

The decision to use more costly material is just the start. Now comes the design element. Instead of a simple square log they would get a piece of wood that can be carved. Rather than flat faced drawer fronts you find curved or serpentine fronts. Then the embellishments are added. Flying griffins, lion's heads or female busts or faces. The glass also gets an extra treatment. Beveled mirrors, bent glass panels for china cabinets and buffets.

All this and more is what makes quarter sawn white oak so stunning! It's about making furniture attractive and not just functional. It's about making the best, not the cheapest. That's why we appreciate it and stock it in such quantity.

Quarter sawn white oak furniture is easily spotted by its unique wood grain. Because the cutting method was used only on wood intended for fine furniture, the presence of the distinctive quarter-cut grain is an assurance to today's buyer that the furniture piece is one of superior quality and craftsmanship.

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